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About Ila

About Ila

Ila was born in Boise, Idaho and attended Borah High School. She graduated from Idaho State University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s in Counseling. Ila has worked as a therapist in the school system, the private sector, and for a domestic violence shelter. In her free time, she is just as likely to go on an outdoor adventure as she is to spend a quiet afternoon inside with a puzzle. More than anything, she enjoys spending time with her partner Melody, and her children and their significant others.  

Ila has spent her life helping others. During her 15 years at home raising five children, she also volunteered with Americorp VISTA for five years, getting over 10,000 books into the hands of children. Ila actively participated in PTA organizations and in the classrooms, worked as a mental health therapist, and spent many hours working in church and community service organizations.

Ila is a mom, a neighbor, a community member, a supporter of local businesses, an avid recycler—she considers herself a person, not a politician. She brings to this community an approachable and open-minded candidate who will work tirelessly for positive and progressive growth.

As an experienced mental health professional herself, Ila wants to bring awareness to the increasing rate of domestic violence and its connection to more than 50 percent of Utah homicides, as well as the lack of quality mental health services available to those who most need it. She is focused on putting our resources toward prevention of such issues instead of costly reparation. She also wants to offer support and equity for the LGBTQ+ members of our community. Ila will work to protect and secure support for our public lands and limited natural resources, such as the water that is so vital to our community. Finally, Ila is passionate about supporting quality public schools and providing better funding and resources for our teachers and students.

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